Hi-resorution Infrared-ray Micro Scope(For Inside IC,MEMS)
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You can see the state of the IC pattern clearly with an infrared light and infrared camera from the back side of the silicon chip.
IR -1300 displays a clear image with real-time processing software (DT enhancer)
*Support X100 objecyive lens for option.
*It is easy to set focus, XY stage position
*130Mega pixel Infrared CMOS Camera.
*Usability improved by the additional function of the DT enhancer software.
IR-1300(IR-Micro scope, NotePC with software) X,Y stage
DT-Enhancer(real-time image enhance software)
The DT enhancer pressce a low contrast image to the bright clear image.
Main function
-Image capture-
・8bit monocrome
-Display Image-
*Full screen display *Zoom display(X2-X10)
-Efect prsessing-
*Brightness proseccing *Integral processing
-Measure function-
*Scale display *Area measure * Saize measure
-Figure drawing-
*Circle *Square *Arrow *Text
-File management-
*BMP File save/load *One click save
*Original screen save *Origonal screen with drawing data.
Display image sample
System stracture
Object sample
Si Silicon wafer
130mega pixel C-MOS camera
 InGaAs camera (option) 
Main versatile
Filip chip status, Boid inspection, IC pattern check
 Alignment mark difference measure of sandwich wafer. 
Oxide size measure of VCSEL wafer.
Basic specification
Objective lens 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x
*IR-Light soce 50W、Reflection, Transparence, Note PC, XY manual stage,
DT-enhancer (
real time image enhance software
Efect prosessing image sample
Real image sample DT-enhancer useing image sample
Difect image sample
10x sample   20x sample       
50x sample 100x sample