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iPhone Application

Drive Recorder EX! Like flight recorder for your car or bike!


DREX is an toy drive recoder software for iphone. When iphone detect the shock from G sensor (strong acceleration or deceleration) automatically record video and GPS position before and after few second.

Application example

 Automobile. Motor cycle. Bike.

Specification and setup item

  Video size 320X480pix 30fps

  G sensor X,Y,Z axis pre-settable.

  Record cycle interval 20,40,60 second selectable.

  After detect recording time 5,10,15 second selectable.

  Please follows local traffic safety rules when you use this software.

  Each record process has 1second non record time for setup file.

  In this time it can not record.

 Disctech company will not be liable to any problem that may occur

  during the usage of this software.

Openning display
Start to push the REC buttan

Enter the setting mode to push the Setting buttan.

Enter the file display mode to push Crash list buttan.
Openning display
Running diplay Tuch the screen any time when you want to record video.     
Running display
File display Select file and push play buttan.
you can see video.

Also display shoot position on the map.

Copy to the album file when you push add Album buttan.  
File display
Playback display You can see this screen when you push Play buttan.  
Video Play display.
How to install for the front window
Please follows local traffic safety rules when you use this software.
Example Record file Please click on the screen. you can see sample video.
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