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Product line up

Disc Inspection system Line up

     Products Code Inspection Disc kind Inspection Item
Optical Disc Surface Inspection system

DT-100 CD-R,DVD-R Die coat thickness.
IJP Character read.
DT-150 All kind optical disc IJP Character and Bar code read.
DT-200 DVD-ROM、DVD-R/W, DVD-R,DVD-RAM Surface inspection (dust,bubble,scratch,oil,)
DT-300 DVD-ROM,DVD-R/W, DVD-R,DVD-RAM Surface inspection(dust, bubble,scratch,oil)
DT-300S CD,DVD,Clear disc Lens defect, Continues defect.
DT-450 HDDVD,Blue-ray BCA code, Bar code, Character.
Clear disc CD-R(clear disc),
DVD-R(clear disc)
Surface inspection
HDDVD,BD Stamper
Inspection system
BD,HDDVD White defect, Black defect,
Hard disc inspection
3.5inch Hard disc inspection system White defect, Black defect.

Machine vision application system line up

Spectra photo meter application
   Spectra photo meter
Hi speed Spectra photo meter OCM-510.
Film inspection system.
LED color inspaction system.
Thin film analyzer software.
Line scan sensor application
  Film inspection system
Optical Disc inspection system.
Flat panel display glass inspection system.
Film inspection system.
Hi speed Machine vision application

  Bolt Inspection system
Image module assembly system (Lens mount system)
Mounter software (for Jissou macine.)
electronics parts inspection.
Glass Lens inspection system.
Optical Dot character reader software.
Bolt inspection system.
Inner pad inspection system.
Fan less PC system application.
Micro scope application

 MEMS element Inspection
Micro scope image file software.
Micro scope inspection system.
M.E.M.S. inspection system.
Micro scope DTPCM.
IR-Micro scope IR-1100(S).
IR-Micro scope IR-1300.
USB image capture unit.
Video enhance software DT-Enhance100.
 Wafer ID Reader
Wafer ID Reader WID110 IOSS
Medical application
 Plate inspection system
Plate inspection system for medicine.
catheter inspection system.
Needle inspection system.
Medical Label seal inspection system.
      CT Series
X-Ray Line Scan Camera  CT Series.
      CT Series
Pico second Laser beam system.
Other 3D inspection system.

Semiconductor equipment Maintenance support & Software R&D
Semiconductor equipment Maintenance support

Machine vision software, Motor control software, communication software development and install to machine.
Vision based semiconductor equipment maintenance support and install by English spoken engineer.
Core Technologies
* Spectrometer application.
*3dimention inspaction application.
*X-lay inspaction application.
*PMT Photomultiplier apprication.
*ABD Avalanche Breakdown diode application.
* Line Scan / CCD Camera Vision application.
* Total Vision Solutions Design and Integration.

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